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Kibera Slums Fact Summary

Kibera Slums is currently ranked the largest slum is sub Saharan Africa taking number one place from Soweto slums in South Africa. The name ‘Kibera’ is a Nubian word for ‘forest.’ The original settlers were Sudanese soldiers who settled there after fighting for the British in World War One. The Kibera Slums is located in an area 5 Kilometers South East of City Centre Nairobi. It is the most populated informal settlement in East Africa, housing about one third of Nairobi’s population.

Kibera is divided into nine official villages, each with its own Village Elders.

They are: Gatwekera, Kianda, Soweto, Kisumu Ndogo, Lindi, Laini Saba, Siranga/ Undugu, Makina, and Mashimoni.
Kibera is roughly 2.5 Kilometers squared with an estimated population of about 1 million people. There are no permanent residential buildings over a single storey within the slum areas.


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