Currently 747 Teen girls from Eleven High Schools in Slums receive sanitary towels courtesy of the SYN Jitambue Clubs Programs. The lively discussion Forums between the girls and SYN counseling and advocacy team see many of their questions answered ranging from how to use the pads, how to access the pads and other Hygiene related concerns are addressed. The schools includes: Starrays Secondary School, St. Aloysius Gonzaga High School, Kibera Girls Soccer Secondary School, Kibra Academy, Mashimoni High School, New Horizon Secondary School, PCEA Silanga Secondary School, John Paul II Secondary School and Mashimoni Squatters Secondary School. The staggering fact that more than two-thirds of Africa’s illiterate are women, girl child education is a high priority in SYN’s core objectives for Slums and Rural areas. This SYN continues achieve through:

• Strategic partnerships to establish a sponsorship fund for girls to support needy but bright girls living within Slums and the Rural areas has been established through partnership with Every Girl Counts to build Bright Hope Education Centre to educate 65% Girls and 35% Boys through a scholarship program.

• Partnerships with Slums and the Rural areas education stakeholders to reward, mentor and motivate best academic performers and identify talent development opportunities for all students

• Encourage equity in distribution of sanitary towels to girl schools, and identify sources to supplement the sanitary towels such as the Bariki Binti Campaign to ensure all girls in need of sanitary towels access them.

• Support mentorship and role modeling programs aimed at motivating both young girls and boys. Even as SYN focus on the girl-child through Jitambue Clubs Program, SYN is conscious of the challenges that increasingly face the boy-child and is working towards establishing programs that focus primarily on the boy-child.