Poverty remains a key challenge in the Slums and Rural areas in relation to most parts of the country and the Counties have an average poverty rate of 44.1% (KIHS, 05/06). Swahiba Youth Networks – SYN economic Mentorship and Empowerment plan for Young People and Women of Slums and Rural areas is aimed at reducing this poverty level and therefore contributing towards MDG1 which is to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger. This SYN will do through:

1. Access to capital for business: Systematically mobilizing Young People and Women of Slums and Rural areas into groups from sub-location level and cooperatives at constituency level towards the common objective of economic empowerment and poverty alleviation

2. Liaising with credit institutions and donor agencies to give thorough education and increase coverage of credit facilities and grants to Young People and Women groups for sustainable businesses

3. Consistently advocate for creation of an enabling environment for Young People and Women in business including pushing for lower licensing rates.

4. Promote and advocate for and value addition and development policy around key economic activities that benefit Young People and Women including:

  • Marketing and price regulation for produce from the Slums and Rural areas
  • Scale-up, promotion and marketing of the Pottery/Craft industry in the Slums and Rural areas
  • Value addition, promotion and marketing Farm and related produce in Slums and Rural areas
  • Promote fish farming, processing, storage to increase the value of fish from Slums and Rural areas
  • Value addition for farm produce in from the Slums and Rural areas and training to make complete products to maximize profits