Help Provide Clean Drinking Water to a Community of 4,000 People;

Help Drill a Well and Install a Hand Pump for £7,042/ $11,493/ Ksh.999,963– so Adults and Children, don’t have to drink filthy river water that’s teeming with parasites, bacteria and animal waste.

Put All Season Well in the heart of a community – daily treks to the river in dry season with a heavy jerry is very tiring and leave little time for school or work can be a thing of the past.

End the threat of Diarrhea, which kills 2,000+ children every day from drinking contaminated water.

SYN has partnered with local partners, decision makers and charities around the world to bring much needed relief in the area of Health and Nutrition to the local communities in the Urban Slums and the Rural areas. Ours is a simple and effective approach that is transforming lives by improving access to water, hygiene and sanitation.

With the help of like minded partners, SYN has drilled 2 Clean Water Wells (C2Ws) in Siaya County and provided a Maasai community in Inkilongosi, Suswa in Narok County.

In the last 4 years we’ve reached over 10,000 people with Health Care and Nutrition. Right now, you can help us to reach even more.

Give an entire community access to clean water for life and your kindness will be felt for generations to come.