Tabasamu - Someone Cares

A smile is the light in your

window that tells there is

a caring, sharing person inside


Mentorship & Empowerment Program – equipping girls from the slums with skills, knowledge and relevant work experience

Abide Camps

Providing teaching, mentorship and inspiration to live radically for Christ

Jitambue Purity Program

Focusing on purity, self-worth

& positive reproductive health

Bariki Binti

are both Swahili words.
Meaning “bless the girl child

Reaching Communities with Passion & Compassion

Mentorship & Empowerment Program, Current Girls Enrolled

Abide Camp, Target for August 2017

Jitambue Project, Current Girls Participating

Tabasamu Shoe Campaign Target for Christmas 2017

“God does not love people less or more because they are poor or rich, He simply loves them.”

Peter Abungu