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First Priority Kenya

94% of adult believers made their decision to live a faith-based life under the age of 18. First priority focuses on ensuring that students living in slum are connected to a church in their tender ages. Be part of our team as we make transformational change in African lives.

Through the First Priority program, Swahiba Networks is able to empower students by training them who in turn reach out to their peers. The teachings and trainings done allows the students to help their communities to thrive spiritually, and socially for generations to come. 

Some students end up launching disciple-making movements and as a result hopeless communities get elevated as they experience the hope of Jesus.

Our teams engage with the students alongside their families by reaching out to them and praying with them as well as give Bibles to the new converts.

We believe that sustainable change means equipping people today with a hope for the future. You can partner with us to empower someone buy buying one bible, which goes for $4/ Ksh 450.

Swahiba Networks is a Christian organization whose primary focus is on the marginalized, underprivileged and destitute communities in Kenya.

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