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Mentorship and Empowerment Program (MEP)’s aim is to ensure a smooth transition for girls who live in slum areas from high school into the marketplace by equipping them with skills that will enable them to achieve their potential and dreams. Become part of the tribe redefining the futures of African teens.

Girls engaged in the MEP program are nominated from their respective former High Schools in the slums based on poverty index, passion and the commitment of the individual girls between 18 to 21 years. 

Through MEP, the girls are equipped with skills that give them an opportunity to start off their lives after high school by realizing their dreams.

Through a thorough survey conducted by Swahiba Networks, 32% to 69%of the girls from the slums who graduated from High School ended up married off or took up manual jobs regardless of their performance, hence the continuance of the poverty cycle. With MEP, this trend is reversed. 

Over the years, MEP has been able to achieve over 98% success with the graduating girls getting into employment and others becoming employers. Majority of the girls have gone ahead to save up towards a college education besides supporting their siblings through school. 

Encouraged by the success witnessed from this program, MEP intends to extend its boarders to be able to equip more vulnerable individuals living in the slum areas with skills, knowledge and relevant experience. 

To support a girl through a 4 months training that will set up them up for life, you can gift Swahiba Networks with a gift of £53 / $87 / Ksh.7,550 and help the girls break the vicious circle of poverty.

Swahiba Networks is a Christian organization whose primary focus is on the marginalized, underprivileged and destitute communities in Kenya.

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