The camps are tailored to provide teaching, mentorship and inspiration to live radically for Christ.

Abide Camps

Every Summer in the month of August Swahiba Networks provides an opportunity for about 250 young people from the Slums for their first experience of a Christian Camp. The camps are tailored to provide teaching, mentorship and inspiration to live radically for Christ. Since the inception of the Abide Camps, we have had 2143 young people come through the Camps with over 683 young people making a commitment to follow Christ.

The Theme for each year changes and different speakers invited to share passionately and exhaustively. The topics dealt with include Identity, Sexuality and Drugs and Substance Abuse among many other topics. Questions arising are handled carefully during the various afternoon group discussions held out during the entire period of the camp. The committed, trained and caring camp counselors display such sense of unity as they help campers tackle most of the questions arising from the main sessions.

Sports, such as football, athletics and activities such as hunting for treasures hidden in various areas of the vast rocky campsite marks the highlights of the afternoons, as Teen young people have the opportunity to venture out and enjoy the outdoors and the wild hilly sights of Lukenya.

During the entire period of the camp, we have counseling and ministry opportunities, as campers respond to calls to receive counseling into various areas of their lives where they have confessed struggling with habits or equally destructive lifestyles, arising from either broken parenting or peer pressure.

The Campers are encouraged to share with one another on challenges of peer pressure, influence on relationships due to poverty, or other circumstantial lifestyle issues such as coming from homes where a parent practices commercial sex, drug dealers or addicts and alcoholics exposing them to risky behavior.

At the Abide Camp demystification of addictions and compulsions bring understanding as campers learn of the ways in which these drugs affect the brain functions. Many come to freedom during confidential counseling during chill time, while others commit to walk in the journey to healing with the help of the Swahiba Networks counseling team.

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