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Nothing brings together youth like a moment that allows them to have an experience outside of their norm. Abide Youth Camps does just that for over 250 young people every summer. The camps allow them to be taken through various life changing teachings that alter the cycles of their lives for the better from incredible volunteer experts. Let’s join together as we create a lasting experience to the youth.

The Abide Youth Camps organized by Swahiba Networks is a program promoting social empowerment, resilience and social prosperity through the adoption of community-centered topics. The camps are tailored to provide teaching, mentorship and faith-based inspiration to live life well. 

Each year, SN chooses a specific theme and invites a relevant speaker who is experienced in it to share passionately and exhaustively. Topics include; identity, sexuality, drug and substance abuse among many others. 

After comprehensive sessions, the youth are welcomed to share their questions with the camp counselors who then carefully handle them during afternoon group discussions held during the entire period of the camp. 

Physical activities are also incorporate in the program such as football, and athletics. The teens are also engaged into treasure hunting in the vast campsite which provides them with the chance to explore the outdoors and the wild hilly sights of Lukenya. 

Throughout their stay in the camp, the campers have unlimited access to counseling which addresses various areas of their lives. This allows them to vulnerably share with the promise of getting help without judgment equipping them with tools that will help them to show up better in the world. 

The campers are encouraged to share with one another on challenges of peer pressure, or other circumstantial lifestyle issues such as coming from homes where a parent practices commercial sex, drug dealers or addicts and alcoholics exposing them to risky behaviour.

They are also able to demystify addictions and compulsions bringing them to understand ways in which drugs affect brain function. By the time they leave, many have found their freedom from the counseling sessions while other have began walking their healing journey with the help of Swahiba Networks counseling team. To be among those who walk this journey with the teens, in whatever capacity, you can contact us to sign up for the next camping activity.

Swahiba Networks is a Christian organization whose primary focus is on the marginalized, underprivileged and destitute communities in Kenya.

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