Who We Are:

Swahiba Youth Networks is a Christian Youth Organization whose primary focus is to the marginalized and underprivileged/ destitute communities in Kenya.


To reach young people with passion and compassion.


Holistic approach that is committed to Evangelism, Discipleship, Mentorship and Empowerment.


• Provide outreach programs on various challenges facing young people, such as Character Development, Family Conflict Resolution, Behavior Change, Discipleship and Mentorship.
• Empower young people in need through providing sponsorship for formal education and vocational training.
• Empower young people to participate meaningfully in society by producing pioneer models of change in Social-Spiritual being.
• Partner with like-minded organizations to maximize on limited resources.

Peter’s Brief:

Peter is the executive Director of Swahiba Youth Networks. (“Swahiba” is the Swahili word for “a very close friend.”)

Peter learned early in his outreach to the youth that relationship is key.

He says that “you have to meet temporal needs if you want to share eternal truths.”

He explains, “If you are going to share the message of Hope in Christ with a hungry person, then sometimes you have to wrap the gospel in a sandwich.”

He spends his life meeting needs in one of the world’s most desperate places with the intention to share the message of HOPE particularly the venerable and orphaned young people.

SYN Board

Peter Abungu – Chairman
Brief: (Founder visionary of SYN, educated with SWYM in Bible and Christian Youthworks)

Julie Awino – Secretary
Brief: (Daystar Graduate, formerly of FOCUS-Kenya, 116 Child Help-line and currently Social Development Officer)

Oscar Miheso – Treasurer
Brief: (IT Programmer, Software and hardware Installation and Graphic Designer)

Rev. Ken Aringo – Member
Brief: (Ordained Reverend with the Anglican church of Kenya)

Joseph Ochoo – Member
Brief: (Currently Pastor of Kibera Baptist Church)

Hellen Mtawali – Member
Brief: (Lecturer Daystar University)

Kenyanito Dudi – Member
Brief: (Director at Spurgeon Ministries)