Abide 2023: Where Faith, Friendship, and Growth Converged

August 24, 2023
by Swahiba@OlympicDrive

It’s truly amazing for me every time I have the opportunity to be in the presence of Jesus Christ, hear His voice through His word, and experience His amazing presence. This is my second time at the Swahiba camp, and it’s where I find what I love.

Abide Bold Faith has been incredibly beneficial and enriching for me. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge about faith and have grown as I anticipated when I first came. The speakers were excellent and inspiring, especially Rev Ken, from whom I learned a great deal about his experiences from his youth. The camp activities were informative and engaging, and I learned a lot by interacting with my peers.

The camp volunteers were friendly, even more so than before, and they readily helped me with any issues I had after I approached them. The food was both delicious and energizing, with breakfast being particularly memorable. I also acquired insights about teamwork and socializing. Through this experience, I’ve made new, friends whom I believe will support each other when need arises.

I express gratitude to the visionary behind the organization, Pastor Peter Abungu, for granting me this opportunity to both serve and be served. I’m thankful to God for him, as he has provided us with this chance to establish our identity in Christ. I would welcome another opportunity to attend the camp in the future. Thank you.

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