Anna Chapman’s Experience on the Kenya Mission

June 1, 2024
by Swahiba@OlympicDrive

So far on this trip, I’ve experienced God move in so many ways. On the first day, I talked to a man who wanted to find a church so he could become a pastor. He began his religious journey by studying the Quran, which led him to Jesus and the Bible. It was amazing to see people dancing with us when we sang. Another man asked me deep questions about my faith, and in that moment, I truly realized how God equips us.

On the second day, the first school we visited was amazing. The kids had so much energy and were dancing with us. In the classroom, I talked with a 6th-grade boy who was on fire for Jesus. He asked me about how to get saved and was so invested. Later, at the college campus, I spoke one-on-one with a girl struggling with depression and turning to God. I am thankful for that conversation because I have been there before and could show her that God places us in the right moments to help others. In another moment, I was with a group from our church and some college students. One girl spoke only French, and it was clear God had placed us there because one of our group members spoke French and could translate for her.

On the third day, I experienced God in a new way. At the first school, I met three girls who wanted to give their lives to Christ, and I led them in prayer. It was a beautiful moment where I truly felt God’s presence. That night, as we sang, I felt the Lord moving in a powerful way.

Today, we talked to some amazing people. I met a girl who wants to start a program to help kids unable to attend school after she graduates high school. We also spent time with some incredible girls, and it was so fulfilling. It’s been awesome to see God move so much and meet so many amazing people.


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