MEP Graduation Ceremony, 10th Edition

May 20, 2024
by Swahiba@OlympicDrive

The Mentorship and Empowerment Program holds a special place at Swahiba Networks, as our primary focus revolves around youth development. In this program, beneficiaries are selected from our high school initiatives, the Jitamube Purity Program and First Priority. Over the past 15 weeks, we have closely mentored these girls, equipping them with skills essential for thriving in the marketplace.

We are proud to see them graduate, confident that the strong foundation we have laid will enable them to become leaders and changemakers in their endeavors, creating a positive ripple effect in their communities.

Thank you to our partners and friends; your generosity has a profound impact. @127 Worldwide @30_to_infinity

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  1. Keya bramuel

    This is good work. continue impacting the lives of the youths for a better tomorrow. God will continue blessing you abundantly. Those girls deserve the best.


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