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Over the last 5 months, Swahiba Networks Ministries Team has had the privilege of sharing the Gospel and distributing food baskets to 1,885 families living in the slums of Kibera. The challenges brought about by the measures put in place by the government to control the spread of COVID-19 pandemic has pushed most families in the slums to the brink with hundreds rendered homeless.

The Swahiba team has had a front-row seat in witnessing how the Pandemic has impacted families and their livelihoods. Many families have been torn apart and thrown into complete devastation. In spite of such desperation, we have seen the power of Gospel at work in the lives of many of the families that we have interacted with in these dark and hard times.

Indeed we have shared the Gospel, which is the power of God unto salvation, but also met the most immediate urgent needs of these families. We have given food baskets and paid rent arrears for families that were at risk of losing a roof over their heads. In doing so, we have earned the right to speak into their lives and challenge them to surrender their lives to Christ. Many are coming to faith, making Jesus Lord and saviour over their lives.

Above all, we are super excited about the 12 Weeks Discipleship Journey that came up as a result of the Abide Unlimited Live on Radio. We currently have 161 Teens taking the journey of growing their faith in the Lord Jesus. Please take a minute and read a note from Jenipher, a 15 years old Teen who is part of the 12 Weeks Discipleship Journey.

Thank you partners for your prayers and faithful support. Your labour in the Lord is not in vain.

We covet your prayers for the safety of our team, the new believers.

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