TABASAMU 2019 Day Six

January 22, 2020
by Swahiba@OlympicDrive

The Swahiba Team was in Kibera Slums where 537 faces were lit when receiving a brand new pairs of shoes.

Kibera is the largest Slum South of Sahara with an estimated 800,000 people living in 4miles radius with limited toilets/plumbing/access roads and on incomes of less than $3 a day (UN-Habitat). Hundreds of thousands of families living in the slums will go without a meal on Christmas day, let alone receive a Christmas present. During the Christmas season, even the odd jobs are few and hard to come by leaving most families to depend on well-wishers for a meal on Christmas day.

Gertrude Jumwa is twelve years old girl, who has lived in Kibera slums since birth. She not only received a brand new pair of shoes but also a brand new life in Christ Jesus by accepting Him as Lord and savior.

We also had the opportunity to put a smile on Purity’s face today. She lost her Mum five years ago. Her father does manual and odd jobs to feed their family of six. Purity is unable to count how many nights they have gone without a meal. She has never owned a brand new pair of shoes but today with a broad smile, she slipped her feet into a new pair.

This Christmas is going to be a special one for 1311 children, not only because they received a brand new pair of shoes but because majority of them experienced the hope of Christ’s wrapped in a practical gift.

Thank you partners and friends for enabling us to demonstrate the love of Christ in a practical manner.

Photography by Lee Pitts


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