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Love is best demonstrated in doing, the Swahiba Networks Team is out demonstrating the love of Christ by wrapping pairs of shoes and providing meals this entire week.

Tabasamu Shoe Distribution 2020 has started with 646 children from Jesus Helpers Children Home, Mary Faith Rescue Centre and Mathare Slums Community each receiving a new fitting pair of shoes from Bata, a meal and above all an opportunity to share the Hope of Christ in these peculiar times we live in.

We have had to make allot of adjustments to remain compliant with the Covid-19 mitigation measures but also to ensure that we do not hurt those who we have set out to serve during the Tabasamu Shoe Distribution.

Amazing stories are coming out as we interact with the beneficiaries of the shoe distribution. One such story is that of 13 years old William Ambundo from Mathare Slums and a student at Kariobangi North who surrendered his life to the Lord Jesus and a proud owner of a new pair of shoes. William tells us that they have gone many nights without a meal since Covid-19 stuck. His single Mum is a casual labourer who has found it very hard to find work. William is grateful that despite the tough times his family is going through, God has provided for him a new pair of shoes.

Hope is being restored and lives are being surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. We are thankful to God and to our ministry partners. We have hard 49 children surrendered their lives to the Lord Jesus.


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