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The Swahiba Team today was at Lang’ata Women Prison with over 300 inmates. We had the privilege of giving 98 pairs of new shoes to children living within the prison and neighborhood. It’s tough for children who have their Mum’s in prison but today we shared the love of Christ with them.
Julie Masaba is 15 years old and schools at Enomatasiani Girls. She lives with her mother and her sibling because her parents are separated. Her mother does not have a stable source of income therefore, cannot afford to pay her school fees and acquire school equipment. She wants to be an accountant. She was overjoyed when she got her pair of shoes. This is her first Christmas gift this year.
Andrew Ruhiu is 17 years and schools at Rusinga School. He gave his life to Christ last year. This being his first time to serve with Swahiba he learnt a lot of things such as: Team work especially how the Swahiba team was so well organized. He was also happy with how hospitable the Swahiba team was and in showing the children a good example. He appreciated the Swahiba team for the effort that they are putting in order to put a smile on a Child’s face. He was glad he got to meet and work with the Swahiba staff and prays that he will join us for Tabasamu 2020.
Thank you partners and friends for your kingdom investment of putting a smile on the faces of hundreds of children this Christmas.

Photography by Lee Pitts

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