Tabasamu Kilifi County shoe distribution

October 20, 2023
by kibera

The Tabasamu Kilifi County shoe distribution project has reached its heartwarming conclusion, and it was an unforgettable journey, with our final stop at the remote Mulungu wa Mawe Primary and Junior High School in the heart of Kilifi County. The need for shoes here was truly pressing, we were thrilled to join forces with the incredible Because International team to make a difference.

Here’s a captivating snapshot of the Kilifi County Tabasamu shoe distribution initiative:

Number of Schools: A total of 5 schools became part of this remarkable endeavour.

1. Palakuma Primary and Junior High School: We gifted a generous 605 pairs of shoes.

2. Mariani Primary and Junior High School: An astounding 608 pairs of shoes found new homes.

3. Petanguo Primary and Junior High School: A whopping 855 pairs of shoes brightened up the school.

4. Kagombani Primary and Junior High School: 185 pairs of shoes brought smiles to the students’ faces.

5. Mulungu wa Mawe Primary and Junior High School: A fantastic 232 pairs of shoes were distributed to the students.

Total Number of Shoes Gifted: In an inspiring display of generosity, we provided a total of 2,485 pairs of shoes to these schools.

But that’s not all! Along with these tangible gifts, we also had the privilege of sharing the gospel with the students. The most heartening part? 111 students decided to embrace Christ during our time together. They received a special gift—Reach for Life Bibles—to guide them on their spiritual journey.

This project was more than shoes; it was about creating moments of joy, touching hearts, and making a profound impact on these young lives. The Tabasamu Kilifi County shoe distribution journey was filled with compassion, camaraderie, and transformation, and it’s a story we’ll treasure forever.


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