What shall Swahiba render to God & His people for their love

July 9, 2020
by Swahiba@OlympicDrive

12 Weeks ago we started walking alongside families living in the Slums of Kibera where we serve with the gospel but also meet their most urgent practical need, which is food. These families have faced the challenge of starvation after the Covid-19 pandemic struck and the Kenyan government gave a directive on cessation of movement of persons in and out of Nairobi, the capital city. Our initial target was to reach 1000 families from the community.

Indeed the journey has been a lot more than what we had envisioned. We have cried with families that have lost their loved ones, prayed with those who want to surrender their lives to Christ and rejoiced with those who were so overwhelmed by the gift of food after they had gone three days without a meal. We have also paid rent for families that were about to be evicted because they had rent arrears from February and have taken young girls to hospital in need of medical attention but their family could not afford it.

What shall we at Swahiba render to God and His people for showing their love and giving sacrificially to a community in need but thousands of miles away?

Thank you partners and friends of Swahiba Networks Ministries for loving God and loving his people so fervently. Thank you for trusting us with your God given resources to be a conduit by which God’s love has been so passionately demonstrated during these dark and trying times.

Through your generous giving, we have surpassed our initial target to the current 1052 after distributing 48 food baskets to families this past week.

We continue to meet the needs of families in distress and facing starvation because of your continued support. We consider ourselves privileged to be used of God to shine His light and restore hope to bring glory to His kingdom and His name.

As Peter Abungu says, “If you are going to preach the gospel to a hungry person then wrap the gospel in a sandwich”

“Let us not be weary of doing good for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up” Galatians 6:9

Click on this link to give: bit.ly/KiberaFoodBaskets


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