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A baseline survey conducted by Swahiba Networks in 2012 indicated that 32% to 69% of the Teen Girls from the Slums who graduated from High School either ended up being married off, taking up house help jobs/irregular manual jobs that would not pay them enough to break free from the poverty circle they were living in. These bleak findings informed the need and inception of the Mentorship and Empowerment Program (MEP) to bridge the gap and reverse the trend.

MEP seeks to train and equip high school graduate girls of the Jitambue Purity Program between 18 to 21 years who have been nominated from their former High Schools based on their passion, commitment and poverty index in the Slums. The MEP Girls are then equipped with relevant trade, skills, knowledge and above all discipled to achieve their God given potential and dreams. Majority of the girls living in the Slums have the capacity to realize their dreams but the circumstances under which they live negates their potential. Swahiba Networks through the MEP program gives them a chance and opportunity that otherwise would be elusive to a good number of them.

We are on our sixth week of sharing the gospel and food baskets with families from Kibera slums. 40 families of the MEP Girls and 18 teachers who are patrons of our programs in the high schools within Kibera, benefitted from the food baskets distribution. So far, 725 vulnerable and families at risk have benefited, bringing us much closer to our 1000 families target.Swahiba Ministries considers this a privilege to be used of God to shine the light of Christ and as a beckon of hope in these uncertain times. Partner with God and Swahiba Networks to meet temporal needs in order to share Eternal Truth.Click on this link to give: bit.ly/KiberaFoodBaskets

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