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Kibera Slums, having a crowded community, residents struggle to meet basic needs- daily meals, clean water, and shelter. Individual and community progress is always being impeded by Gender inequality, ethnic violence and lack of jobs. Swahiba Networks through sports & skills Development program would like to overcome some of this challenges by bringing parents and children together for a  sharing moments, through stories as they showcase their talents.

We care about our families, players, coaching Staffs, Supporters and communities in the slums. Together, we can create a fun, safe, and enriching environment where our children will thrive and make life-long friends and productive skills.

Our trained children will get to learn more of responsibility, teamwork, discipline and other life skills.


Encouraging Teenage Talent search and fostering a love for the talent.
We strive to instill a love for the talent and to foster a conducive playing ground that helps each child to participate.

Spiritual up bring to all children to be well-rounded and responsible.
Involvement in this program requires a commitment of both spirit and time for life skills training, we teach the talented child on how to respect God and people around them.

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